03 Nov

Christmas Shopping for 2020

Mark your calendars! November 17th 2020 is our safe cut off date to receive cargo in Miami to ensure delivery before Christmas Day 2020!

Items that are delivered to our Miami warehouse address by this date will be safely processed, shipped, cleared and delivered to you here in Trinidad, safely before December 25th. This will give you piece of mind and comfort, knowing that all your gift items will be here earlier than Santa!

Even if you don’t make this cut off date, don’t worry – we’re still going to be shipping every week after that, but there’s no guarantee those shipments will be cleared before Christmas.

03 Nov

Thanksgiving / Black Friday Sales 2020

We know a lot of you look out for these sales each year and rightfully so – they are full of great prices and deals! Please keep in mind however, items ordered at this time must get to us no later than December 1st 2020 to have even a slim chance of getting here before Christmas.

We cannot offer any guarantee that these items will clear Customs before Christmas, so please understand that items intended as Christmas gifts, especially for children, are not recommended on this shipment.

Once you’ve got the time to wait, then these savings are for you as the items will come and be cleared in either late December 2020 or early January 2021.